Friday, 28 September 2012

d i n g d o n g d i n g d o n g 

hello readers . yea ! you don't have to say that , i know .

 kalau dah memang nenek macam ni lah , pelupa password .
 well , it is actually been so so soooo long time i didn't , uhh i'm sorry i can't onTHEline . 
know why ? ? let it be a secret even i hold the says : sharing is caring . am i right ?

well . . it is actually i am taking time for writing this post and still thinking what is actually on my mind that i would like to share with you guys today ? ? 

i guess you guys can read this for only 5 minutes while i'm taking hoursss to post this 

well , i guess today i would like to talk about spending my days with le girlfriends and also a person who inspired , motivated and what so ever me and my girlfries as well USTAZ SABRI ohhyeaahhh.

k u n d a s h a n g VS r e l a !

here we go my soulmates c o w e n g , w a w a n g , n o to the n o y , my chubby g e t e and last but not least my cutest e c h a 


this is the moment ~ it's kundashaaanng .  

well , i would love to say that i do enjoy both course
but for me personally i love the days we spent @kundasang
it's because WE FOLLOW THE RULE as we don't even know what will happen next
know what , being such noise girl there , it's quite fun 
sleep in peace , it's cold , silent , big room 
ahaha ~ it's me and cowen , we share a room together , just two of us .

while wawa , nonoy , atiqah and echa in a room . 

i can say that they're crazy inside that room 
what else about kundasang ? ? ? we're such gila kan there 
kelam kabut whenever we buat or prepare anything . we such VIP that could eat whenever we want 
that cool man ~ taking picture here and there 
and the most crazy and funny moment bila saya jump from the table to cowen's bed and then jatuh from her bed because of the stupid L I P A S . shuhhhh man ! forget about it .

here we go with r e l a 

r e l a also one of the best place coz most sweet and crazy memories happen there 
we're actually making our own rule playing awesome games like yeaaaa ~ hell man . 

yea that's it . . what i called it " rogol game " | lesbianisation occur | 
god ! ! yailksss ~ hha , enjoy the game especially me and wawa

we share the room together , me , cowen , nonoy , wawa and echa

the awesome moment when the heavy rain buat the whole dorm b l a c k to the o u t 
and we were shouting like crazy because of echa's ghost face 
to echa , seriously i am damn scared with you . congrates ~ 

here is the face of orang yang kehilangan handphone untuk 5 minit
 ouh it's such a beautiful moment that happen in my life 

and also not to forget the moment when echa's phone felt into lubang jamban . 
and it is M.I.A , hha 
we know we are very the nakal nakal , and it's obvious 

look at anak ibrahim , da hell she's doing ? ?

 jeng to the jeng . ehh , why x boleh rotate ne ? ? damn ! !

the moment when we become munyits

it's us 


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